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IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to demand, we are currently on a 10-12 Business Day Lead-Time on all signal system orders.

Once your TurnPro order is confirmed and “IF” (Read Above) there are no shipping lead times, each order is prepared and processed to ship within 24-48hrs and no latter than 72hrs depending on our incoming & weekend orders. UPS orders are subject to 48hrs due to their earlier pickup times. Occasionally orders may take up to 72hrs to ship when incoming orders exceed certain thresholds that overwhelms our packers due to weekend orders. Any “out of country” orders are subject to cover any customs & shipping fees that may occur. 

TRACKING: All order tracking numbers are emailed upon shipment. If you haven't received a shipping notification email, your order is still processing. Please check your email spam folder if you have not seen any tracking notifications within 72hrs. If there are lead times with products such as heaters, plows, winches, etc, you will receive that tracking information once it has left the warehouse. Keep in mind in peak seasons where demand is high and staff is limited, you may even receive your product before tracking is even uploaded into the shipping system. 

AVAILABLE STOCK: “ALL OF OUR SIGNAL SYSTEMS ARE AVAILABLE STOCK” and are built in house available to ship with the guidelines stated above. Occasionally, with items such as plows & accessories, winches, cab heaters, enclosures, mirrors, ect. may be backorder from the original manufacture. With these products, it is always best to call and check availability. 

RETURNS: Although we would regret that you would want to return any TurnPro products, we offer a 14 day hassle free returns from the time your kit arrived at your doorstep via tracking “Delivered On <date>“ and in Un-Used / New condition with original packaging. Shipping charges are unfortunately not refunded in these cases. It is the end users responsibility to cover shipping postage both ways. In unforeseen cases, returns past 14 days up to no latter than 30 days may be permitted upon approval with a 20% Restocking fee. **Cases such as this must be approved** No returns are permitted past the 30 day period. 

 Plows, Winches, Cab Heaters, Windshields & enclosures are subject to a 25% Restock Fee that is required by our distributors & supplied vendors.
 However If you are having problems, such as installation, We do offer 100% support with every purchase! This means even if we have to setup an appointment to video call you, we will work with you & solve your installation issues! Thats how dedicated we are to serving you!

  We work hard on making our kits easy to install such as fully plug & play with separate & matching plugs, wires labels, PDF Instructions link with full color photo illustrations, helpful video links & Facebook Chat Support. However, if you feel that we can improve them in some way please let us know! If we don't get any feedback of your concerns, we can never address these problems. We always strive to make our products more efficient to serve your needs. Just know that here at TurnPro, we value and respect all of our customers and importantly, our new friends to the TurnPro Family!

CANCELLATIONS: TurnPro Signals Systems will provide a one time courtesy cancellation if an error occurred such as double order. All other cancellations will be subject to a 20% restock fee to cover any processing fees charged at the time of your payment processing. Restock fee also applies to cancellations due to “item may not receive in time” orders that are subject to current product lead-times which are stated at the time of your purchase in both the description & contact page above.

WARRANTY: TurnPro Signals Systems offers 1 Year Limited Warranty on all parts EXAMPLE: LED’s, Flash Relays, Toggles, Switches & Harnesses defective by the craftsmanship of this product. Limited and NOT including wear and tear / or damage by neglect or misuse of this product. Water damage is however not covered. Your invoice, dealer receipt, TurnPro Invoice ID or PayPal Transaction ID reciept will be required for all warranty claims and must be the original purchaser of the product. This warranty is non-transferable. We DO NOT WARRANTY any item that are returned cut, or damaged by the user and must be returned in the original condition it was shipped. Any altered parts that have been cut / or modified are not subject for returns or any warranty claims. If you choose to alter such parts without the permission of TurnPro Signal Systems, these parts will not be covered.

TurnPro Signals is not liable for any damages to your machine no matter who has installed your TurnPro product. This liability includes damaged plastics from drilling, rocker cutout damages, or faulty wiring during installation. ALWAYS double check your cutouts by placing rockers, led housings to the area you are cutting. NEVER CONNECT power until your product is completely installed.
 TurnPro always recommends having a technician 
professional install your TurnPro Products, but is not necessary. We recommend fully reading each step of installation instructions during your install for better understanding before starting your installation. TurnPro Signal Systems does NOT credit any acquired shop hours, or fees applied for installation troubleshooting. It is the installers responsibility to notify us immediately if an issue arrises that it can be handled in a timely manner. 

 TurnPro Signals uses shop photos, stock photos, or even customers photos for certain advertising. This includes open source non-licensed music. TurnPro videos are owned by TurnPro Signal Systems and are not permitted to be used by any other persons without permission. If you feel you own the rights to any photographs, music, ect. you should contact us via email messaging below to dispute. 


For Customer Support / or Returns, Please contact first via Email. We can better assist you when we are able to send needed photographs for assessment. 
 For faster results, contact us via Facebook messenger by visiting our Facebook page TurnPro UTV Signal Kits where we can better assist you with questions requiring diagrams & instructions. You can also click on the blue “Chat” icon on your screen to access this feature.  


     TurnPro Signals LLC
1307 N Lima Road Suite B
     Kendallville, Indiana 
         (260) 202-0016
Mon - Fri  8am - 4pm EST 
Saturday By Appointment 
        Sunday Closed 

Please allow 24hrs for us to respond. If you haven't received a reply, please check your SPAM FOLDER for our response. You're welcome to message us on our Facebook Page as well @ TurnPro UTV Signal Kits, Just click the “Blue” chat icon at the bottom of this page. 


Please contact us by using the form below. It is important to use your correct email to receive a response. Please Note: We do not respond to soliciting emails.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small company made up of (5) all family members. We take pride in shipping products as quickly as possible. For signal system lead-times, please note that calling & messaging checking order status’s only holds up production more as we answer each and every request. Please do not take this statement the wrong way, as we care about every customer and understand trying to meet deadlines for your next riding adventure as we ride ourselves. Just know that we are working hard at fulfilling orders to the suggested lead times that are mentioned in the banner at the top of every page including a popup notice on all signal system product pages (depending on your popup settings for this particular notice). We are human, things come up with family, emergencies, etc. but we always try to answer each and every question & request in a timely manner. Thank you all for your patience & support of our small business!