TurnPro Universal UTV Signal System

    TurnPro Universal UTV Signal Kit 

         $139.99   Now $129.99!

  • 4 Amber DOT LED Lights
  • 4 Red DOT LED Lights
  • Flash Relay
  • Mini Waterproof Turn Toggle
  • Zip Ties
  • Bullet Connectors
  • Universal Wire Harness


         **Kubota, John Deere, Mahindra, Rual King, ect**

The TurnPro Universal Signal System consist of (4) 3/4” Amber DOT Approved LED’s / 2 Per side for front of UTV, (4) RED 3/4” DOT Approved LED’s 2 Per Side for the rear of UTV.

                                 AVAILABLE TURNPRO OPTIONS

Indicating Rocker 

Smoked LED’s 

Horn Kit 


Hazards w/Wiring 

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Battery Location:

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Additional OPTIONS:

Full Kit Add-On (Sold Seprately In Parts Menu) 

Indicating Rocker Option: TurnPro Indicating Rocker illuminates when your turn signal is activated therefore flashing in sync with your signals letting you know your signals are on. *Horizontal & Vertical Arrows included*


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Indicating Rocker Switch 


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                           Smoked LED's

 (Replaces the 4 Included Ambers w/ Smoked LED's)

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Additional options will replace the included item within the kit. EXAMPLE: Instead of sending regular Toggle, We would send Indicating Rocker / Same with included LED’s. THIS IS ADD-ON PRICE WITH A SIGNAL SYSTEM PURCHASE ONLY. All other parts orders are to be purchased from the “Parts Tab” in the site menu. **Single orders will be canceled**

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