Download Front LED Template: here

Download Plug & Play Instructions PDF: here



Q: My signals are working but the front side doesn't match the rear tail lights? 
A: At the rear of the machine where your Plug & Play module is, Swap the Yellow & Green connections with each other from the TurnPro Harness to the P&P box. 

Q: What do I use to drill for the front LED's? 
A: We recommend using a 3/4" butterfly bit to drill. It's important to use a butterfly bit to prevent slip offs and damaging your plastics *View video below*. NOTE: We recommend using the TurnPro template above simply download & print. This will help with the spacing of your LED’s.


Q: How should I install the Indicating Rocker? 
A: We suggest tracing the rocker with a #2 pencil, then using a hobby knife / Stanley knife to cut. For better results we highly recommend using a drimmel tool with a cut wheel attachment. 
NOTE: Polaris users must trace out for rockers. The standard cut outs on your Polaris unit is not compatible with most common rockers available.



Drilling front LED’s: here

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