Dome Kit Installation

Thank you for purchasing the TurnPro UTV Door Activated Dome Light Kit! Below you will find a copy of the instructions, along with Installation video to better help guide you with your install! 

This is a Universal Kit. Which means you can install on any machine. Door switches, LED, etc can be installed by preference. NOTE: Be sure to watch the videos to give you a better understanding of the sort switches. They are adjustable, and will need to be setup for your door. 


Q: Do I have to use the door switches in my personal install and only use the On/Off Switch?

A: No, You do not have to use the door switch to be able to use your TurnPro UTV Dome Light. You can use only the On/Off Switch h if you so desire.  

Q: Can I only use 1 Door switch in my install? 

A: Yes you can! You can use only 1 Door Switch if you wish to do so! (ie: Switch in Drivers Door VS No switch on Passengers Door. Then simply leaving the opposite door disconnected. 

Q: Can I use my own LED light I purchased elsewhere (Ebay, Amazon, ect.)

A: Yes you can use any standard 12V Light as you wish with the TurnPro UTV Dome Light Kit!  

Q: Can I connect my Power to a Fuse Panel / Aux Power? 

A: NO, note that this system requires a always on Power Source. If you choose to go with a KEY ON Source, then your lights may not work upon opening your door. 


PDF Instructions:  DOWNLOAD 

Video Installation: