TurnPro Signals COVID19 Response 

We want to take a moment and address a few things. I would say most if not everyone has heard about the new Corona Virus (COVID19) Corona Virus 2019. We just want to take this moment to let each of our clients and future clients know that no matter what is seen online, media, ect. here at TurnPro we always take concerns like these seriously. 

 Here’s the message we want to imply: 
• Even though our company is small and only made up of a few people, (family members), we have implicated measures for our day to day production such as Cleaning work surfaces daily. Hand washing & hand sanitizing, practicing Good Hygiene has always been our practice! 
• Updated 3/21/2020 Via CDC Website, this virus May transfer to surfaces such as cardboard up to 24hrs, Plastic packaging up to 3 days, In which most of our products take 2-3 days to arrive to their destinations anyways. We check CDC Website for updates and recent information on this matter daily. We will update this message accordingly when new information arises. 

 Now the unknown: 
• As of now we are still somewhat receiving inventory as regular, but we have no idea what the future may hold on this. As of now, we are business as usual per following the guidelines we have stated above. 
• If it ever comes to backorders, changes what so ever we will contact all order holders immediately. 

We ask that anyone with any concerns what so ever, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

UPDATED 3/21/2020

 Also if it makes our customers feel better, we have seen other retailers stating they can leave their package sit untouched, in a warm (room temperature) area for up to 3 days before installing their products. Therefore this particular virus can not survive past that suggested time frame. No judgment from us taking these steps.
 Taking this in mind, we are extending our returns from 14 day returns to 30 days. Though we would always regret if you return. Here at TurnPro you will always find us implying professionalism in everything we do! 

Ride Safe! ~TurnPro Signals





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